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Serging with Delight!

Forgive me blogging world, but it's been about 12 months since my last sewing confession. I've owned my overlocker (or serger to those in the US) for about 10 years and never once changed any of the the settings.

Oh the shame! When I first bought my overlocker, I'd just saved up enough money to buy myself a sewing machine and never even thought about an overlocker. I went with my Mum and I came home with a heavily discounted Janome MyLock534D and my Mum's old Husqvarna sewing machine. Shopping with my Mum never goes quiet according to plan. Anyway back to my confession, I used it to finish edges and sew knits and fleece together and that was it. When ever the edge I was sewing was a bit wavy, I just ignored it or gave it a big yank to straighten it all out. Yes, yes, I know that it's bad. I thought I needed a bunch of different feet to do anything else and I really hadn't a need before.

But, the other day as I was staring at my sewing machine and overlock trimmings, I noticed in my bag of machine feet these two extra feet for the overlocker. How did I miss them all these years? I hunted high and low look for my instruction manual, but no dice. So, I turned to the interwebs, as you do, when seeking knowledge. I came across some very helpful information and YouTube videos like this one. I found out that I can do a whole lot more with my overlocker than I thought. Who knew? Well, a lot of people apparently!

This set up resulted in an awesome rolled hem. Yay! (I forgot to take a picture of the needle plate setting knob on R (not S).) Then I managed to do gathering on my overlocker too, but I still need a bit of practice with this one to get nice even gathering on a long heavy weight fabric.

Now I realise that I'm not using my overlocker to its full potential, I want to know more. There is this online course from craftsy that I have only heard good things about. I can't afford the $40 dollars right now, so maybe for Christmas. Until then, I'll keep looking on YouTube for helpful tutorials. As for those feet…I still have no idea what they do.



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