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Me-Made-May ’13

Unfinished business

Hi, remember me? I used to post here on this blog a while back.

I lost a bit of my sewing and blogging mojo after Me-Made-May. The general crazy state my life as a stay at home mum to my two children, a dose of the flu (yay winter) and boring chores all played a part in my absence. But mostly I was Sew Depressed after seeing all the wonderful summer dresses and outfits put together by all the lovely bloggers out there. Have you every been Sew Depressed? I coined this term to explain my recent state of mind. I wished I could be sewing great dresses and skirts, fabulous peplum tops and the like, but I was being stopped by that nasty thing called practicality. Who invited him to the party? I came to the realisation that full skirted dresses and pencil skirts are not really practical wear for running after kids and general horsing about. Also, we're in the middle of winter here, so lots of layers and generally pants. Boo! Therefore, I never did a post about all the unblogged pieces I wore during Me-Made-May. So here it is.

I found this skirt at the op-shop for $4 about a year ago. I had grand plans to refashion this and another denim shirt into a dress, but it just sat there in my ever growing pile. I replaced the buttons with some vintage buttons I bought and moved their placements for a better fit. I unpicked the straps and tried to work with them to form braces, but I scrapped that plan and just continued with the rest of the refashion. I shortened the length and added a pocket made from the bottom of the skirt, because, what good is a skirt without pockets. I'm still not sure if the length is right.

This is my stampede top, that was a dress, but was always meant to be a top. I just folded it in half and gave it a high low hem.

This skirt is made from a thrifted cot sheet. I actually finished this skirt at the start of the year, and I started it about a year or two before that. When I originally started this, I cut the skirt using the whole width of the skirt. When I then gathered the skirt the skirt was too bulky, so it sat in the pile until I figured out what I had done wrong. After I had made my first Darling Ranges dress, I finally figured it out. Every time I had previously self drafted skirts, I used too much width. So, using the back pattern from the Darling Ranges dress for both the front and back, I found I had enough left over to cut out matching pockets. YAY, pockets! I put it togther as per the Darling Ranges instructions and then added an elastic waist band (selvedged from another failed project).

Pyjama pants, what can I really say here? I used a thrifted sheet and an old pair of pyjama pants that I was trying to replace.

And that's that, I think. I should hopefully be back later this week to post about my current project.



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Me-Made-May ’13 – Week 4

Ok, so a bit slow with this post. I've been trying to write it for days now but kids and life keep getting in the way.

Outfit 1 – I made this skirt a few years ago, before blogging, from a thrifted bed sheet. Its a wrap skirt that has a obi style waist band and ties. The rest is store bought.

Outfit 2 – I wore the wrap cascade cardigan that I blogged about earlier in the week. I wore it with my jeans and white long sleeve tee and my boots. I decided to wear it closed with a brown belt.

Outfit 3 – I wore my Stampede top and this elastic waisted chambray skirt I picked up at the op-shop.

Outfit 4 – I completely forgot to take a photo of this outfit. I wore this thrifted blue knit dress and my cascade wrap cardigan as before.

Outfit 5 + – Is it cheating to wear the same pyjamas on more than day and call it multiple outfits?

I've learned a lot doing my first Me-Made-May. Most of the garments I've made would be great for this challange, if I lived in the northern hemisphere where it is Spring, but as we are in a fridgid Autumn, they were no good. Also, as most all of my days consist of running around after children, I need more Me-Made practical items.


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Me-Made-May ’13 – Week 3


  • Outfit 1 – I completely forgot to take a photo of this outfit, so here's a recreation. Nothing special, just my refashioned black skirt (before blogging)
  • Outfit 2 – Stampede dress that I finally cut off to make a top. It was originally going to be a top anyway, and it was too short as a dress, so it got the chop. I gave it a high/low hem and left it raw.
  • Outfit 3 – I wore this elastic waisted skirt I made (not yet blogged about) from a sheet.
  • Outfit 4 – I wore my green jersey maxi skirt. I didn't manage to get a photo of this outfit before I spilt bolognase sauce all down it.
  • Outfit 5 – I have been in desparate need of pyjamas, so I made myself some from a sheet I picked up from the op-shop a week or two ago.

I promise I'll do wrap up post at the end of this Me-Made-May, with all the garments I've made but not blogged.


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Me-Made-May ’13 Week 2

The weather this week started out really well. Lovely autumn days in the low 20's, perfect.

  • Outfit 4 – Pink Jersey skirt.
  • Outfit 5 – I originally made a new top from scratch and had a whole outfit post planned, but the temperature dropped rather dramatically, by 10 degrees, from one day to the next. So, raincheck on that. In the mean time, I wore this pashmina worn as a skirt (not really a refashion) and this cardigan which I picked up a while ago before blogging and altered slightly to fit. Actually, I wear this cardigan most cold days, so if we just count this one garment I would easily complete my Me-Made-May promise. But that is just lazy!

Oh, and please excuse the faces I'm pulling in some of these photos. These photos were either taken by my husband trying to make me laugh, or they were taken by my 4 year old daughter. But either way, I should stop taking them at the end of the day after running around after my children, my hair and makeup is messed up and I look so tired!

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Me-Made-May ’13 Week 1

Ok, so a bit of a slow start to my first Me-Made-May.


  • Outfit 3 – refashioned skirt (not yet blogged about)
  • Outfit 4 – refashioned t-shirt (before blogging)
  • Outfit 5 – Wrap dress (I forgot to get a photo of this outfit, so this is one I took for the blog post about the dress)

It suddenly turned quiet cold here this week, and many of my recent makes are light weight dresses and such. As we are in Autumn here, it only going to get colder, so finding outfits that are Me-Made that will be warm enough will be a challenge. But I guess that is the point.


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Me-Made-May ’13

I've been trying to decide if I was brave enough to participate in Me-Made-May this year. But at the eleventh hour I decided to take the plunge. So, here goes nothing:

'I, Liz of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear one sewn or refashioned item at least 5 days a week during the month of May 2013. I will take pictures of my outfits and post them on my blog.'


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