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The Monet Experiment

The White Sheet Project – Part 2

For the longest time I've wanted a garment made with impressionist artwork fabric, and you can get fabric with that exact thing on Spoonflower. You can find any fabric you can dream of on Spoonflower. The problem is I live in Australia and shipping is a nightmare on top of the already expensive fabric. Then, when my mind was supposed to be shutting down for that lovely thing called sleep, this idea popped into my head. What if I used diy fabric paint (acrylic paint, fabric fixative medium and water) to create a watery looking fabric and then attach 3D flowers to it, inspired by Monet's Water Lilies.

Image found here

The skirt itself is just an asymmetrical circle skirt with an elastic waist band made from one of the white sheets. I used Dixie's quick graphic on how to do this and gave it a rolled hem. I know ideally you hem a circle skirtr after letting it hang, but as this was asymmetrical I figured it wouldn't matter and I wanted it to be painted as well.

I gave the skirt little twists and then gradually spray the first colour. After each colour I flattened the skirt out and changed the little twists. Apart from the first colour, all the colours I used were the same ones I mixed for my Ombre Dress (I painted them at the same time) and left it to dry on the grass. When it was dry I attached the waist band from thick elastic, I wish I had made this a bit tighter as it sits lower than I'd like.

I free handed a flower shape in a few sizes and went a bit mad tracing, cutting and fixing the edges (I used watereed down PVA glue). I used scraps of the white sheet and a bit of pink fabric I had (also an old sheet). I painted some white fabric buttons from my stash and put it all together in the hope that they looks a little like water lilies.

All up this skirt cost me $1.75 which was the cost of the elastic, everything else came from my stash and the white sheets of course. Not too bad, now on to the next garment.



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