A Call to Arms!

Or more to the point, to arm my sewing machine. I got a call from my Mum the other morning asking me if I was busy that day, always ominous. My niece (11 yo) and nephew (8 yo) needed to dress up as fairy tale characters at school the very next day. My niece wanted to go as Red Riding Hood, my nephew as the Huntsman. When he told his Nan, she was thinking Robin Hood type costume, he was thinking more Chris Hemsworth. One quick trip to the Op Shop and I had a long sleeve grey t-shirt, a brown jumper and a cool looking belt.

I cut the sleeves off, leaving a slight cap and I unpicked the label. I made the axe from some foam core board and a cardboard tube I stole from a roll of wrapping paper we had. I sprayed the blade with 2 coats of silver spray paint and a few flecks of matt black spray paint.
To finish this costume off, I made a quick scabbard from a toilet roll and duct tape, and slid it on another belt.
The next costume just required a red cape (obvs) and a basket. Given more time I would have bought at least 2 metres of fabric, but as it was a work with what you've got thing, I did just that. I drafted the hood from a hoodie top of mine and cut 4 so it could be self lined. I gathered the rest of the fabric to form the cape and attached it between the layers of the hood. In hindsight, the hood needed more height to give a cool drapey look, but c'est la vie. Please excuse the absolutely awful photo above, it's an iPhone selfie taken in a dirty mirror.
I'm told that the kids loved their costumes so, win!



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