My Very First Elisalex

And I say very first Elisalex, because it certainly won't be my last. I've read quiet a few bloggers comments on this pattern and, lets just say, it didn't disappoint.

When I first saw this Elisalex dress from Elisalex herself, a little light bulb went off in my head and this dress started designing itself in there. The floral fabric is a vintage sheet I picked up a while back for $1, and used some of for the lining of this coat. The blue fabric is a cotton broad cloth for $7 and matching thread ($3) from Spotlight, the zip was from my stash and the lining was an old white sheet from my cupboard. So, not including the pattern, the total cost of this dress was about $11.

I made two toiles for this dress. Cut size 4/8 but removed 1″ from front and about 2″ from the back and reshaped the bust seams. I took 1.5 cm of shoulder seams, then reshaped the under arm on the two side pieces and also took about 1cm of the middle of the sleeve to adjust for this. I fiddled a bit with the bodice length settling on about and extra 2 cm to compensate for the raising of the shoulder seams. I made my second toile after this and the fit was perfect. I probably could have cut the size 2/6 and eliminated the centre front and back adjustments, but all the other adjustments were to fit my stubby torso. All in all, this was a great pattern to sew up. You'll notice that I didn't make the skirt as called for, I was a little hesistant about the tulip skirt, so I just used a dirndl skirt. Oh, and I added pockets, of course. When you have the power to design your own clothes, why wouldn't you add pockets?

This is also my first attempt at a hand picked zip. It didn't turn out too bad, a little wonky, but not too noticable hopefully. I decided to use the blind hem stitch on my machine for the bottom hem and sleeves, as I thought the small prick stitches echoed those of the hand picked zip.

I actually finished this dress 2 weeks ago, but it has taken this long for all the stars to allign to get it photographed.





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