I Made a Coat

About a year ago I had grand plans to make myself a coat using Simplicity 7113 . I even went so far as to draft up a slightly altered version (making it knee length) and cut it out. Then I lost my nerve and it sat in my to do basket for the year. Chicken!

Then, after Me-Made-May, my realisation I needed more practical sewing and my bout of Sew Depression, I thought I would try making a coat again, but I was no longer feeling my original plan. I had moved on to this coat, in fact one of my very first posts on this blog was about this coat.

I initially disregarded the Simplicity 7113 version and started from scratch, altering the Darling Ranges pattern in an attemt to copy the coat exactly, differing only in colour. After 3 toiles, I just wasn't happy with the fit of the sleeve and the armscye. The Darling Ranges has an odd fit in the sleeve normally, and the more I fiddled with the pattern the less I was happy with the way it was coming together. So, I turned back to Simplicity 7113, made peace with the differences, and got to work.


Shell Fabric – a vintage wool/polyester blend of which I had 6 metres. I'd paid $2 a metre for it at my local Op-Shop, a bargain, no? I also have 6 metres in a dark magenta, jealous much? The labels were still attached, so I Googled the brand. I found this newspaper article from 1968. Their fabrics sold for $5.50/yard at DJ’s in 1968, so I think I got a good deal on this one.

Lining Fabric – two old sheets. The white one was from my linen press and the other one was a thrifted bed sheet that I found a few years ago for $1.

Pattern – I used Simplicity 7113 for the bodice, changing the neckline/lapels slightly. The pattern was too large and I ending up using 1″ seam allowances on all seams. I already had this cut out, so I just cut it off at the waistline mark on the pattern.The skirt was self drafted and the pockets were from the Darling Ranges dress.

Notions – 5 vintage buttons ($3 for 6) and polyester thread, which was the only thing I purchase new. I also used a small amount of self made bias tape left over from this make.

Cost – about $5 for the shell fabric, about 20c for the lining, $3 for buttons and $3 for the thread. Total cost $11.20.

Overall, I fairly happy with the way this coat turned out. It is in no way perfect and has many faults, but I'm pretty proud that I managed to make a coat. One sleeve is perfection, the other is the exact opposite. That little devil cost me days of extra time. I don't even want to count how many times I unpicked and sewed that sleeve in place to try and fix the slight twist that it had. Ggrhh! It still has the problem, but I think it is less noticable now than it was before and I have no idea why or how to fix it. Something to figure out for next time perhaps.




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5 responses to “I Made a Coat

  1. What a great coat! It’s so timeless with that cut and colour. Also what a bargain you got on that fabric! Super envious!

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