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Me-Made-May ’13 – Week 4

Ok, so a bit slow with this post. I've been trying to write it for days now but kids and life keep getting in the way.

Outfit 1 – I made this skirt a few years ago, before blogging, from a thrifted bed sheet. Its a wrap skirt that has a obi style waist band and ties. The rest is store bought.

Outfit 2 – I wore the wrap cascade cardigan that I blogged about earlier in the week. I wore it with my jeans and white long sleeve tee and my boots. I decided to wear it closed with a brown belt.

Outfit 3 – I wore my Stampede top and this elastic waisted chambray skirt I picked up at the op-shop.

Outfit 4 – I completely forgot to take a photo of this outfit. I wore this thrifted blue knit dress and my cascade wrap cardigan as before.

Outfit 5 + – Is it cheating to wear the same pyjamas on more than day and call it multiple outfits?

I've learned a lot doing my first Me-Made-May. Most of the garments I've made would be great for this challange, if I lived in the northern hemisphere where it is Spring, but as we are in a fridgid Autumn, they were no good. Also, as most all of my days consist of running around after children, I need more Me-Made practical items.



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