Patchwork Cascade Cardigan

When I was killing some time on Polyvore the other day, I created this outfit. An outfit better suited to our current climate down here in Australia, instead of all the Spring and Summer ones I keep seeing from the northern side of the globe. I rather liked this cardigan from Witchery, when I looked at it I saw that it cost $150. A little too rich for me, but then I'm a bit of a cheap skate! I guess everyone else liked this cardigan too, as days later it was sold out. I decided to copy be inspired by it and make my own.

This is my version. The biggest challange with this project was finding the right garments to start with. I trawled quite a few op-shops looking for the right pieces to work with, and I didn't find exactly what I had in mind, but I found these two acrylic jumpers for $4 each and thought they would make a suitable version.

I started with the navy blue jumper/sweater as the base and cut a section out of the back. As this top was too large for me when I replaced the missing piece with a bit from the back of the cream jumper that was slightly smaller than the missing piece. This gave the back of the navy jumper the right width for me across the back. I then cliced right up the front, but off to one side. To the shorter side, I attached the front of the cream jumper. To the longer side, I sewed a section from the back. After trying it on, I thought it needed more cream to balance out the blue, so I cut the blue sleeves short and attached the bottom of the cream sleeves.

I sewed this entire garment up using navy blue thread in my overlocker. I even added some decorative overlocking to the edges. I thought of adding a collar from more of the left over pieces, but decided against it. I think I'll wear it a few more times, and if I still like it without a collar and throw the leftovers out.

This wasn't a difficult project, and although it doesn't look a whole lot like the original, it's warm, in the colours I wanted and I quiet like it. So for $8 dollars, I have a new cardigan to wear this winter. I think I'll keep an eye out for some more jumpers to refashion this way.



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