Me-Made-May ’13 – Week 3


  • Outfit 1 – I completely forgot to take a photo of this outfit, so here's a recreation. Nothing special, just my refashioned black skirt (before blogging)
  • Outfit 2 – Stampede dress that I finally cut off to make a top. It was originally going to be a top anyway, and it was too short as a dress, so it got the chop. I gave it a high/low hem and left it raw.
  • Outfit 3 – I wore this elastic waisted skirt I made (not yet blogged about) from a sheet.
  • Outfit 4 – I wore my green jersey maxi skirt. I didn't manage to get a photo of this outfit before I spilt bolognase sauce all down it.
  • Outfit 5 – I have been in desparate need of pyjamas, so I made myself some from a sheet I picked up from the op-shop a week or two ago.

I promise I'll do wrap up post at the end of this Me-Made-May, with all the garments I've made but not blogged.



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