Me-Made-May ’13 Week 2

The weather this week started out really well. Lovely autumn days in the low 20's, perfect.

  • Outfit 4 – Pink Jersey skirt.
  • Outfit 5 – I originally made a new top from scratch and had a whole outfit post planned, but the temperature dropped rather dramatically, by 10 degrees, from one day to the next. So, raincheck on that. In the mean time, I wore this pashmina worn as a skirt (not really a refashion) and this cardigan which I picked up a while ago before blogging and altered slightly to fit. Actually, I wear this cardigan most cold days, so if we just count this one garment I would easily complete my Me-Made-May promise. But that is just lazy!

Oh, and please excuse the faces I'm pulling in some of these photos. These photos were either taken by my husband trying to make me laugh, or they were taken by my 4 year old daughter. But either way, I should stop taking them at the end of the day after running around after my children, my hair and makeup is messed up and I look so tired!


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