I have a tiny foot, and when I say tiny I mean tiny – ladies size 5, sometimes kids size 3 and really thin. Most shoe stores don't even make shoes in my size. Because of that I have a love hate relationship with shoes. When I find shoes that fit, I buy them. Sometimes they're perfect and I wear them to death, other times I buy them just because they fit, regardless of the style or colour. I bought these shoes a few years ago from the kids section, and they were quite comfortable, but the hot pink made them look like kids shoes. So when I was going through my wardrobe a while back I put them in my donate pile.

But then, I rescued them. I figured I would paint them and see how they turned out, nothing to loose. The paint didn't stick to the binding, so I pulled out my gold pen and the shoes became unintentionally two-toned. But if anyone ask, it was totally planned. And just to add a finishing touch, I made new inner soles. The gold pen has already started to wear, but not bad for free.



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