Slowly, slowly.

A few weeks ago we had the end of term 1 school holidays here in Australia, which means I had my daughter home with me all day, everyday. Therefore, my available time to craft and sew things that weren't for my daughter's dolls had been dramatically reduced to almost zero. I did start two of the projects I'd planned in a previous post, but as I had limited time, I rushed them and of course, that meant major mistakes.

The first project was the wrap dress. I cut it out using the pattern I had previously made, and decided that I was going to omit the ruffles, which was a great idea, but poor execution on my part. I didn't think or realise that by leaving off the ruffles I decreased the total width of the wrapping ability of the dress making the dress way too tight and clingy. The second project was a knit maxi skirt. The jersey was so thin, I thought I would make it double layered. But as it was so thin it stretched and distorted out of shape on the edges, leaving the centre back seam warped and unsightly.

A common problem with me and sewing is that if I make a mistake or hit a sewing road block, I lose my sewing mojo. I was determined not to let these failures defeat me this time, so I cut up the maxi skirt and reworked the wrap dress.

I made a single layer straight maxi skirt from the carcas of the failed original. I would have liked to have a bit more width at the bottom to give a more A-line silhouette but as I only had what I'd cut out for the original, I could be too fussy. Excuse the lumpy line of the skirt, I have my rumpled stampede dress underneath.

The dress required a lot more tweeking and the dress now has “design features”. To fix the problem of it being too tight, I inserted a triangle section into each side seam. I'm not sure if this caused or exacerbated a second issue of the front panels/pieces hanging unevenly which, as this fabric has a pattern, was really noticeable. I decided to “fix” this by adding ruching to each side (see details below). I also tried a different method for binding the neckline from here. And it was so much easier, a lot less stuffing about and it looks almost identical to the last.

This garments are by no means perfect, but they are wearable, which is a step in the right direction. So, I have learnt to go slower, but hopefully not stall with with indecision.




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