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I have a tiny foot, and when I say tiny I mean tiny – ladies size 5, sometimes kids size 3 and really thin. Most shoe stores don't even make shoes in my size. Because of that I have a love hate relationship with shoes. When I find shoes that fit, I buy them. Sometimes they're perfect and I wear them to death, other times I buy them just because they fit, regardless of the style or colour. I bought these shoes a few years ago from the kids section, and they were quite comfortable, but the hot pink made them look like kids shoes. So when I was going through my wardrobe a while back I put them in my donate pile.

But then, I rescued them. I figured I would paint them and see how they turned out, nothing to loose. The paint didn't stick to the binding, so I pulled out my gold pen and the shoes became unintentionally two-toned. But if anyone ask, it was totally planned. And just to add a finishing touch, I made new inner soles. The gold pen has already started to wear, but not bad for free.



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Slowly, slowly.

A few weeks ago we had the end of term 1 school holidays here in Australia, which means I had my daughter home with me all day, everyday. Therefore, my available time to craft and sew things that weren't for my daughter's dolls had been dramatically reduced to almost zero. I did start two of the projects I'd planned in a previous post, but as I had limited time, I rushed them and of course, that meant major mistakes.

The first project was the wrap dress. I cut it out using the pattern I had previously made, and decided that I was going to omit the ruffles, which was a great idea, but poor execution on my part. I didn't think or realise that by leaving off the ruffles I decreased the total width of the wrapping ability of the dress making the dress way too tight and clingy. The second project was a knit maxi skirt. The jersey was so thin, I thought I would make it double layered. But as it was so thin it stretched and distorted out of shape on the edges, leaving the centre back seam warped and unsightly.

A common problem with me and sewing is that if I make a mistake or hit a sewing road block, I lose my sewing mojo. I was determined not to let these failures defeat me this time, so I cut up the maxi skirt and reworked the wrap dress.

I made a single layer straight maxi skirt from the carcas of the failed original. I would have liked to have a bit more width at the bottom to give a more A-line silhouette but as I only had what I'd cut out for the original, I could be too fussy. Excuse the lumpy line of the skirt, I have my rumpled stampede dress underneath.

The dress required a lot more tweeking and the dress now has “design features”. To fix the problem of it being too tight, I inserted a triangle section into each side seam. I'm not sure if this caused or exacerbated a second issue of the front panels/pieces hanging unevenly which, as this fabric has a pattern, was really noticeable. I decided to “fix” this by adding ruching to each side (see details below). I also tried a different method for binding the neckline from here. And it was so much easier, a lot less stuffing about and it looks almost identical to the last.

This garments are by no means perfect, but they are wearable, which is a step in the right direction. So, I have learnt to go slower, but hopefully not stall with with indecision.



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Walking Foot Arrival

It's here! My walking foot arrived in the mail the other day, and I sadly haven't had the time to play with it until today. Once I googled how to attach the thing, I was away. It only took me a few minutes and it was on. I bought it from this ebay seller at a great price, and so far I'm very happy with it.

I've only tested it out using jersey, as that's what I'm currently working with (details to follow), but it worked a dream. I'll keep you posted with how it goes over time.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, although I haven't been posting much due to lack of sewing time, we have been busy. Here is just a few of the things we've been making.

All of these were made following tutorials from My Froggy Stuff, she has a blog and YouTube channel. If you have a daughter, and you haven't seen these yet, I recommend setting aside a few hours and watching a bunch of her video tutorials. She's is phenomenal!


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Birthday Haul

I'm sorry I haven't been posting, it's been Crazy Town here and in amongst all the craziness, I had a birthday. I'm getting to that age where you've got most of the things you could want or need. My family just looked at me blankly when I asked for a walking foot for my sewing machine, so I asked for money instead.

I had asked my sister to find me some vintage sewing gems in her op-shop travels. I forgot to tell her that I consider anything more than 20 years old was good enough, so she went all out.


My daughter decided I need more craft supplies so we could do more crafting together and this is what she picked.

I also received some money with instructions as to what it was for, so I need to book and mani-pedi and a massage.

As for all that cash, well, who knows what crafty/fabricy goodness I'll spend it on. But I did order myself that walking foot.


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Easter Bargins and Sewing Plans

I haven't had much to post over the last few weeks. I've been busy with organising events for my daughter's kinder and my son's first birthday. Then it was Easter/end of term craziness.

When we were up at my In-Laws, I managed to duck into Spotlight and take advantage of their Easter sale. I picked up these three fabrics.

I purchase 1.5 m of the first fabric for $7.80 a metre ($11.70 total), and I got 2 metres of the other two for only $1.80 a metre ($3.60 total each). The first fabric is a cute navy cotton voile, I have plans for this to become a slip dress with a scallop edge. Number 2 is a polyester knit that is destined to be a wrap dress. And number 3 is a polyester jersey for a maxi skirt.

The slip dress pattern I'm going to use is this free pattern I found a while ago on BurdaStyle. I've made a couple of times with a few variations, and it fits me like a dream. I need to figure out how to adjust the sleeve pattern to remove the gathered puff on the top. I think the puff sleeve will be too much on top of the scallop edges as well. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to do a scalloped hem, neckline or sleeves, all of the above or a combination of those three.

The wrap dress pattern is one that I traced off a dress that I loved and I made a version last year in a dark pink polyester jersey. This time, I'll make it with long sleeves and without the frill.

And lastly the jersey maxi skirt I'll make following this tutorial by MadMim. This fabric is quite thin, so I might need to use two layers on the skirt and a bit of elastic in the waist band to help support the weight of the skirt.


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