The Shipwreck of Calico Jack

Yesterday was the Labour Day public holiday and as you do, well as I do anyway, the day started with a quick bit of cardboard crafting in my pyjamas. After a visit to IKEA last weekend, we had an abundance of cardboard. This is a pet carrier for my daughters soft toys.

And then the afternoon turned into this.

Whilst at the shops in the morning, our daughter saw a pirate ship toy for her Octonauts, but for $80 there was no way it was coming home with us. I told her I could make her a ship out of cardboard when we got home. I was originally going to make quite a simple ship made of 3 or 4 pieces, but my husband got involved so the project, and its complexity, somewhat expanded.

First, we made the supporting structure out of strong honeycomb corrugated cardboard. And yes, in case you're wondering, that is a french curve we're using.

And glued it together using hot glue.

We cut a hole in the deck to allow the Octonauts to get below deck. Then we started attatching the “planks” to the side of the hull.

As we wanted our daughter to be able to play up on deck and below, we left one side of the ship open.

We neatened the whole thing up with a few well placed planks and wider pieces of cardboard.

We added a mast, and here it is, amongst all the flotsam and jetsam of the crafting process. Captained by Kawzii Kitten, of course.


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