Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Fabric Selection

When planning my autumn/winter wardrobe, I first turned to my stash. My stash of fabric is really quiet large, too large, which is why it was one of my new years sewing resolutions to use it first. When I bought this navy chiffon a few years ago, it was on the sale table without a content label, I loved the pattern and at $3 a metre, I snatched it up. The lady behind the counter told me it was a silk chiffon, but at that price and the fact that I was at Spotlight, I had my doubts about it being silk. Now that I was a little more confident it trying to sew with difficult fabrics, I thought I would give the chiffon a go. I used this fabric as my starting point and took it from there.

The problem with shopping my stash, is I often don't have any clue as to the fibre content. I did some search on ye olde internet, and found a few pages here and here about burn testing fabric.

After smoking out my kitchen, I came up with the following conclusions about my fabrics. 1 and 3 are poly-cotton blends, 2 and 4 are polyester chiffons, 5 is silk, 6 is a polyester wool blend (when I purchase this fabric from the op-shop it had it's label on it so I already knew this, but I burnt it just for fun), and I think 7 is either a polyester or nylon taffeta. Ideally my stash would be full of fantasic natural fibers, but in the real world it's mostly polyester. If there is any season in Australia to wear polyester, winter is it, but I'm not a huge fan of wearing too much.

I'd like to add some cotton or bamboo jersey to this selection, in red and navy. I made myself a knit pencil skirt from a polyester jersey a few months ago and it barely gets put away, I'm definately making another one. And as the cool weather is coming, I think a maxi skirt is in order.



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