Laura Ashley Skirt Refashion

I've been in a bit of a thrifting funk of late and I think there are many reasons for this. I've lost my refashioning mojo, I'm currently enjoying sewing a garment from scratch, it's hard to find any treasures, and often they're charging to much. I know that the op-shops/thrift stores/charity shops have slowly been changing around the world. I've read many posts by some great bloggers like 'So, Zo…' about this phenomenon. I try and view it from the environmental stand point that I'm saving these things from going to landfill, but I struggle to pay $3 in a op-shop for a worn t-shirt when I can buy a brand new one from Kmart for the same price. That being said, after sewing a few dresses this year, I'm starting to appreciate that $10 for a thrifted dress may not be too bad when you take into account all the fabric, buttons and notions that go in to making one. But I'm also trying to be more selective and fill my wardrobe with things that rate a 7 or higher.

I was almost going to stop looking for clothes to refashion altogether, but then I found Miss P and this shirt refashion. I was in awe, that a simple change produced such a fantastic result. So, with that shirt in mind, I went op-shopping, and I found this 90's Laura Ashley skirt instead. Hey, with op-shopping you take it as it comes.

The fabric is, as close as I can determine, a silk dupioni, I couldn't find the fabric content tag anywhere, so this is just a guess. It was a simple wrap skirt with four button closures, so by moving those buttons, was able to get a good fit quite easily. Next was the length. I cut it off at the knee and as I couldn't be bother either hand sewing the hem or getting my machine out to do I blind hem, I used iron on hemming tape. I'm sure that is a sewing faux pas, but, oh well.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I'm still searching for that perfect shirt.



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