Dollhouse stuff part 1

For Christmas last year (2012), my dad built my daughter a wooden dollhouse. The house is home to a Sylvanian Honey Fox family and a bunch of mini lalaloopsy dolls and my daughter loves it! Every week (or couple of days) she asks me to make her dolls something that they absolutely need. Like a fridge. A cardboard box some aluminium foil, paper, tape, and a toothpick later and here we are.


Two weeks ago it was brooms, mops and a vacuum cleaner. I made the brooms from bamboo skewers, paddle pop sticks (craft sticks or whatever you want to call them), white craft foam and my glue gun. The vacuum cleaner is made with; a straw, string, cardboard, felt, bottle cap and buttons. I don't know why my daughter was so eager to play 'cleaning up the house' with her dolls, as she never wants to do it had home. But I am glad to see that the Dad does the vacuuming in that house, just as he does in this one.

Last week it was a medical kit. Milly specified a stethoscope, medicine, a medicine spoon, needle and bandages. I used wire, craft foam, tape, gem stickers, a straw, a toothpick, a tissue, a pony bead and hot glue.

Yesterday it was money, so Mother Honey Fox could go shopping. That's something I could sympathise with, and of course a purse and handbag to carry it in. We used paper, pencils, string, silver card and hole punches.

I'm sure there will be many more things my daughter will think up in her busy little brain, so stay tuned.



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