Wearable Darling Ranges Toile in Review

A few weeks ago I finished this dress, my first wearable toile of Megan Nielsen's Darling Ranges Dress. Although it wasn't perfect, I was quite proud of my achievement. I wrote about this initail toile and this wearable toile on my Tumblr blog.

Changes I made from the original pattern, after the first toile, were; Adding 5cm to the length of the bodice,adding about 1.5-2 cm to the width of the neckline, including darts in the back to reduce the ease allowing me to leave off the ties at the back. I also made this version sleeveless.

What I learned initially from making dress was that the 5cm I lengthen the bodice by was too much and I have since removed 2.5cm from the added piece, so hopefully the next one will be perfect. Also, if I insert the pocket about 7.5 cm from the top of the skirt pieces. This should be the perfect height for them once I use the correct bodice length. I used a light weight fabric for this dress so I thought I should interface the front placket. I was feeling lazy so I used a strip of iron-on hemming web in the placket as a sort of cheats interfacing and it seemed to work quite well.

But after wearing it a few times, I have noticed a few more adjustments the pattern needs for me to get the fit I'm after. I noticed that the bust dart was a little NQR (not quite right), so I pinned the dress in a few places to try to improve the fit and then transfered those changes onto the pattern piece. In the end I moved the dart down by 1/2″ and extended it towards the center by 1″. (Yes, I'm aware that I keep chopping and changing from metric to imperial but I found reading many blogs and older or American patterns, I need to easily understand both.) I had notice that the back of the dress gaped a bit. I'm not too sure how to fix this but I pinned a section down the middle of the back bodice and tried it on, and that seemed to fix it slightly. So, I removed about 1″ from the center of the back bodice pattern . After so many changes, my pattern pieces started to look like this.

It was time to bring out my daughters roll of craft specially designed pattern drafting paper and re-draft these pattern pieces. Now they look like this.

Now, I'm ready for my next attempt.



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