Orla Kiely SS13

I originally published this on my Tumblr blog, but as this is an ongoing project, I wanted to have a record of it here.

In my daily internet ramblings, Orla Kiely’s SS13 collection was bought to my attention. All I can say is…Oh, my! It is full of loveliness, any of which I would be in heaven to own. One of the many things that caught my eye was this yellow coat. I think the shape is simple yet elegant which is just what I’m looking for for my new winter coat.

I’m thinking, with quite a few tweaks, I could use the Darling Ranges pattern. I know at first glance, you may not see the similarities, but bear with me.The seam between the bodice and the skirt of the coat is in about the same position as the original position on the Darling Ranges. If I raise and round the neckline of the bodice and remove some of the fullness of the skirt, we’re getting closer.If I used Megan Nielsens’s tutorial on how to reposition a dart, I can move the dart in the Darling Ranges from the side to mid-shoulder. Lengthen the sleeves and don’t add the elastic.And finally the mid front panel pockets; I could re-arrange the skirt pieces, bring the back piece all the way around and make the front pieces narrower, or cut the front panel in two.

I’m not sure if I can really pull off yellow, so I’ll have to have a think about my colour choice here. If I’m to shop my stash for this, that narrows my choices down considerably to two. A dark teal and a dark magenta, both of which are a wool polyester blend. I scored 6 metres of both from the op-shop for $2 a metre about 6 or so months ago, I didn’t have a use for it, but I couldn’t leave it behind.


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